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Order - Deposit
Once you have received our quotation, please view it along with our Terms and Conditions/Disclaimer. If you would like to accept the quotation and are happy to proceed according to the Terms and Conditions/Disclaimer, please place an official order by email. Upon receipt of your official order, we will send you a confirmation email with an invoice attached. Please pay the initial deposit to our company bank account (details are provided on the invoice).
Upon receipt of payment, we will send you confirmation of your order and the delivery time and will start processing your translation. We will work to deliver high-quality translation by the agreed deadline. We will also submit a translator's memo describing how issues found in the process of translation were handled, where necessary.
Your completed translation and translator's memo (where necessary) will be delivered to you in the format of PDF password-protected documents by email by the agreed deadline.
After the delivery of the translation, we will issue you a final invoice for the remaining balance within approximately ten days. Please pay within two weeks commencing from the date of issuance of the invoice. Payment should be made by bank transfer/deposit to our company bank account (details are provided on the invoice).